Translations management

→ To get access to the management of the Translations, the permission ADMIN_TRANSLATION_KEY_EDIT_PERMISSION is required.

The modification of the BizDock Translations is definitive and impact directly the layout of the application. This operation should be done carefully.

Modify a translation

1. Look for a translation

First you need to find the translation to modify: simply set the word or sentence (it corresponds to a translation you seen directly in BizDock) in the “Search translations” engine, and click on “Search”:

The search engine is not case sensitive, so by setting “Roadmap” or “roadmap” the results will be the sames.

The system will show you all the corresponding translations to your criteria:

2. Edit the wished translation

In the “Translations found” table, click on the edit icon for the wished translation:

The form contains 2 attributes:

  • Key (not modifiable): the explanatory unique key, it can help you to identify the exact usage of the translation.
  • Translation: the translation values for each language, it is mandatory for at least one.

A translation value can contain HTML tags (for example <strong>…</strong>) and/or reference variables (for example {0}), it is highly recommended to keep those fragments. For example if the value is “<i class=“glyphicons glyphicons-road”></i>&nbsp;Roadmap”, not change anything but “Roadmap”.

After making the wished modification, simply click on “Save”.

When saving a modification, the previous search results page is displayed, in order to modify another translation that matching the initial criteria.

If a translation is not given for a language, then the translation of an existing language is used instead (it is prefixed by the language code of the missing translation).