BizDock internal plugins

  • BizDock Employee loader: load Employees into BizDock.
  • BizDock Org Unit loader: load Org Units into BizDock.
  • BizDock Timesheet loader: load Timesheet records into BizDock.
  • BizDock Financial integration plugin : load financial inputs (budgets, purchase orders) into BizDock. This plugin is compatible with the most usual financial ERP (SAP, Oracle applications, etc.) reporting/extraction solutions
  • BizDock Scheduled script: A script to be scheduled at a configurable frequency.
  • BizDock URL integration: Light integration plugin based on simple URL.
  • BizDock Notification handler: The event handler plugin is a BizDock plugin which trigger some actions (mail, web service…) when a BizDock data is created/changed/deleted.

BizDock Timesheet Loader

The list of plugins will enlarge with each BizDock release. We listen to our customers, do not hesitate to ask us about the integration of other solutions (open source or commercial).

BizDock professional services can also create dedicated plugins for the needs of our customers. Please contact us for a feasibility assessment.