This Plugin is used on the integration of BizDock and a Jenkins instance. Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Jenkins is distributed under the MIT License. See

Data Type

The Jenkins Plugin is working with the following Data Type:

Data exchange


The Jenkins Plugin is treating the following Events:

  • IN events (Jenkins to BizDock): none
  • OUT events (BizDock to Jenkins):
    • User OBJECT_CREATED: when a new BizDock User is created, a Jenkins account is also created.
    • User OBJECT_DELETED: when a BizDock User is deleted, its corresponding Jenkins account is deleted too.

Admin Commands

This Plugin does not provide any Admin Command.


This Plugin does not provide any Configuration.


The access to Jenkins is done by 2 Permissions that can be managed from BizDock Roles Configuration.

  • JENKINS_DEPLOY_PERMISSION: Permission to run Jenkins jobs.
  • JENKINS_VIEWER_PERMISSION: Permission to view Jenkins jobs