User administration

→ To get access to the User administration, the permission ADMIN_USER_ADMINISTRATION_PERMISSION is required.

Search existing BizDock User

First select the search criteria you want to use. You can search a BizDock user by:

  • Login: exact login is required, wildcards * are not accepted.
  • E-mail: exact e-mail address is required, wildcards * are not accepted.
  • User full name: wildcards * are accepted. Simply keeping the default * will return all the BizDock users

Once a BizDock User has been found, it's possible to reset his password, lock his access or change his role(s).

Create a new BizDock User

Simply click on “Create a new user” and complete the mandatory information, including the role(s) of the User.

The username can not be changed once the user has been created. It is also used as key to link a BizDock User and an Employee

The User password could be either manually defined (simply check the box “Enter a password on behalf of the user”) or defined later by the User himself (thanks an email that is automatically sent to him).

The link is valid only during 24 hours. If the BizDock User did not set his password during this delay, the Administrator needs to trigger a password reset with Reset password feature.

After creating a User, the system checks if there is already an Employee associated with it, meaning an Employee with the created username for the “Unique ID” field. If this is not true, then the following options are proposed:

  • Create a new Employee with the User data
  • Select an existing Employee
  • Decide later, meaning do nothing

The created or selected Employee is for sure automatically associated to the User.

If the “Decide later” option is chosen, then the association would be manually done by creating or updating an Employee.

Export BizDock User list

It simply generates an Excel file with all active BizDock Users including their roles.

The file is generated asynchronously, meaning a parallel task creates it and when finishing a Notification is sent (with a link to download the file).

This is particularly useful to verify all the roles of the BizDock Users to ensure they have the correct access rights.