Open Source

BizDock is open source under GNU GPL V2 license. The source code of BizDock is available on GitHub You will find here some explanations:

  • about the architecture of BizDock
  • how to build BizDock
  • how to install BizDock
  • how to extends BizDock by creating custom reports and custom plugins

BizDock technical foundations

BizDock is implemented using the play framework the web oriented framework. We are using the Java flavor of play.

BizDock visual layout is based on Bootstrap the responsive toolkit.

Our database is MariaDb

BizDock installation is possible and recommended with Docker. We also provide a development kit based on Docker.

We are also using a bunch of other open source components, namely:

Software architecture

Please find here a description of:

Extending BizDock

BizDock is an extensible software. It is possible to creates custom: