BizDock R10.0 Release Note

Fusion Release and Initiative

From now on, a Release is managed as an Initiative. All features available with Initiatives are now also available with Releases! And to correctly separate them, Initiatives and Releases have their own types and life cycle processes.

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Deliverable management

A Deliverable represents a part of the scope of an Initiative or Release. It is a very flexible principle:

  • A Deliverable is owned by an Initiative or Release and could be “followed” by others: like this, BizDock solve the duality between Initiave vs Release delivery tracking.
  • A Deliverable can contain a set of Requirements so that its scope is clear.
  • A Deliverable could be related to a BizDock Package so that the 3 dimensions of the Project Management Iron Triangle (Cost, Schedule and Cost) can be totally managed via BizDock.

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Import and export plugin configurations

The full configuration of a plugin (parameters, mapped objects…) could now be exported as an XML file, edited via a standard text editor and imported back.

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New Notification Plugin

Notification… and much more! With this plugin, it's now possible to trigger notification, call to Web Service, logging… following a change on a BizDock data. For example, getting an email when a new project is created or calling a web service to provision a new initiative in a 3rd party system like Jira. Only activated on demand.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
TAF-116 Optimization of Redmine plugin logs (to easily find the possible errors).
TAF-173, TAF-178 Improvement of the “Edit all planning packages” page.
TAF-196 The “important” flag of planning packages has been removed.
TAF-201 The planning package type field has now a default value (the first) when creating a new package.

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
TAF-167 It is not possible to show/hide/filter the “Sponsoring unit” column in the roadmap if there is no org unit with “can sponsor” set to true. Severity 4
TAF-179 The description of single item values is displayed on the roadmap. Severity 4
TAF-208 It is not possible to delete a custom KPI if this last has at least one value. Severity 4
TAF-212 When an accoun is locked, requesting a password reset does not unlock it. Severity 4