BizDock R11.0 Release Note

Effort-based budget and forecast

It is now possible to manage more easily your budget and forecast based on an allocation: create an allocation, add a daily rate and a forecast (revised effort) and BizDock will automatically create and keep in sync a budget line and 2 work-orders: one to keep track of the actual (based on the timesheet entries) and the cost to complete (based on the forecasted value minus the actual) - Need to be activated via a system preference

Dashboard and Cockpit replacement

The Cockpit is now replacing the Home Page. And you can personnalize it and select yourself which information to display based on a set of pre-defined widgets. And If you want a specific one, simply contact us and we will create it for you

Replacement of the icons set (Glyphicons) with a new one (Font awesome)

BizDock is moving away from the Glyphicon icons set to Font Awesome. Don't panic, most of them look quiet the same, they are simply cleaner and nicer.

Roadmap view improvements

You can now display directly on the Roadmap the list of stakeholders and dependencies of your initiative. You can also see directly in a tooltip the comment of the latest status report when you go “over” the Red/Amber/Green indicator.

Add directly Stakeholder and Delivery Unit when an allocation is created

No need anymore to first add your staff as Stakeholder or Delivery Unit to create an allocation for them on your initiative. They will automatically be added if they are not already in the Stakeholders or Delivery Units list.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
TAF-248 Add access to Custom Attributes in BizDock Event handler and Scheduled Script plugins
TAF-182 Usability: in Personal Storage, a click anywhere on a line download the document (removal of the small download icon)
TAF-236 Add the capability to delete a milestone instance before it gets accepted/removed. Need the permission MILESTONE_DECIDE_PERMISSION
TAF-306 Increase the size of the Initiative ERP Ref ID field to 64 (was 32 before)
TAF-291 Reporting: remove csv format for BizDock Data Quality Report

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
TAF-305 Regression in Redmine plugin - not all issues retrieved because of a change in Redmine client API (pagination) Severity 3
TAF-276 Actor Loader plugin: prevent the load of the file when an acteur with the same uid but a different Ref ID is detected in the input file Severity 3
TAF-252 Personal storage: sorting by date not working correctly Severity 4
TAF-295 Error on Roadmap view if the user does not have PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_VIEW_ALL_PERMISSION and the table was sorted by a custom attribute Severity 4
TAF-293 layout issue in table filter (first line has too much left margin Severity 4
TAF-255 Filter sharing URL property not overwritten by database configuration Severity 4