BizDock R12.0 Release Note

Budget Line Type

Budget Line can now by typed (configurable via the Administation screen “Finances”). You can also link a Budget Line to Work Order to track your budget/forecast even more precisely. A new standard report will allow you to get a summary of your budget per Budget Line Type.

Timesheet entries Loader

Similar to existing loader (Employee, Org Unit…), it is now possible to load timesheet entries from an external system.

Budget and Forecast in Roadmap table

The Budget and Forecast are not available on the Roadmap view. More generally, you can configure via the Administration KPI Manager screen which “sub-KPIs” you may want to see on the roadmap. See KPI Manager for all details.

REST API Improvements

The REST API has been enhanced with many endpoints to retrieve BizDock reference data and even be able to create them from a 3rd party application. BizDock is then even easier to integrate with your existing sytems.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
TAF-328 New Initiative KPI: % Progress based on the timesheeted amount and allocations
TAF-353 Capacity KPI: Add a new KPI that show the actuals (engaged work orders)
TAF-347 Edit Ref ID to a Portfolio
TAF-343 Plugin restart: auto-refresh of the plugin status (so that no need to reload the page manually)
TAF-330 Use Forecasted days in capacity table if available instead of (budgeted) Days
TAF-312 When effort-based budget/forecast is activated, don't create budget/work-order for CHF 0 allocations
TAF-331 Dedicated daily rate for forecast day for allocations
TAF-125 Add the possibility to see inactive Initiative on the Portfolio details page
TAF-357 Standard report “Timesheet entries for a period”: Add the Gouvernance ID if available
TAF-339 Actor search: add Unique ID as searchable field
TAF-340 Increase default height of textarea input fields

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
TAF-344 Permission issue when users did not have the PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_VIEW_ALL_PERMISSION Severity 3
TAF-344 Actor loader did not start after a system restart (has to be done manually) Severity 4
TAF-358 Budget tracking: rounding issue when divide Severity 4
TAF-254 Use a default url instead of host url for Redmine, SVN, Jenkins plugins Severity 4
TAF-180 “/” at the end of the plugin configuration host URLS was not allowed Severity 4
TAF-363 Format of number in Excel report depend on BizDock current language Severity 4