BizDock R13.0 Release Note

Central document management

You can now manage the attached documents from a central place. Any attachement (including links) attached to any object in BizDock can be displayed, deleted and downloaded from the admin interface.

Initiative events tracker

Configure an event listener script to generate automatically project events based on data changes. You can virtually track any event provided that you are able to express the corresponding detection rule.

Bizdock Docker installation

You can now install BizDock fully automatically from the command line on any type of operating system. Check

Debug log switch

Switch your instance to the debug mode and download the debug logs from the admin console.

Database backup

Export the BizDock database as a MySQL dump at any time from the admin console in one click.

Enhancements / features / Defects

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
#34 Read-only governance Id
#30 Lock timesheet for achived projects
#27 Governance Id in planning view
#26 Add in the roadmap table the date of the last status report
#25 When a risk is not active do not display the “red bell”
#19 Change the unicity test for planning package RefId
#15 Adding an engaged KPI similar to the roadmap action
#14 Planning Package ref Id - unicity check take “empty” into account
#13 Planning Package ref id not available in table
#13 Planning Package ref id not available in table