BizDock R16.1 Release Note

Custom attributes: New scriptable type of custom attributes

A new type of custom attributes is now available: “Script”. A script custom attribute is a read only attribute that has no persistent value. Rather, its displayed value will be computed by the mean of a configurable script. This script must return the displayed value and can have access to the other fields available in the attached type.

Governance: Addition of flexible life cycle process type with additional milestones

A life cycle process can now be configured as flexible (even for already existing processes). A flexible life cycle process allows the manager of an initiative to add intermediate milestones anywhere in the initiative planning. This new milestone will only be visible in the scope of this initiative.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
149The milestone display style is now configurable from the system preferences.

Minor enhancements & Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
140Keep allocations and budget when switching life cycle processmedium
142Return to list of packages after editing the list of packageslow
143Updating an actor allocation also creates the corresponding stakeholder if neededmedium
144Get allocation status back to draft only when days are changedmedium
145Sort values in multi valued cellslow
147Format numbers in excel for html formatted fieldsmedium