BizDock R17 Release Note

Roadmap capacity table: Change year selector to month selector setting the first column as starting month

You can now choose which month should be the first column of the roadmap capacity table. The year selector has been replaced with a month selector. By default, the displayed month is the current month. A refresh button has also been added in the form.

Initiative registers: Split of risks and issues

The risks and issues implementations have been split. You can now define distinct custom attributes and types for each.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

  • Roadmap: Nearly all columns in the roadmap are now sortable
  • Initiative events: Add read only attribute for system events
  • Add tooltips throughout the application
  • Initiative events: Add read only attribute for system events

Minor enhancements & Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

  • The clear filters button has been redone to work properly
  • The allocations details are now updated correctly after a change of package dates
  • Initiative inline picker has been fixed to search for “_” and “-”
  • Empty filters now act has expected, that is returning results with empty attribute