BizDock R3.0 Release Note

Release management

Manage your releases thanks the new delivery management system: it's possible to create, edit and remove any release. They are then displayed thanks a filterable and sortable table! A Gantt chart is also available to quickly offer you a global overview.

Then you can subscribe the initiatives inside a release, and download the new release report that provides to you the list of all requirements for a release according to the made subscriptions.

Iterations & Burndown

See your iterations directly in BizDock thanks the new capability of the Redmine plugin. From now it's possible to synchronize the Redmine target versions to BizDock iterations!

And on top of that, a burndown chart is computed to easily compare your planned situation versus the real one.

Life cycle process management

Configure and manage your life cycle processes according to your business case. It's now possible to name it precisely and to assign the exact wished milestones.

You can also configure your phases in order to adapt the render of the roadmap planning, and define the milestone status types to fit with your terms.

New navigation menu

The experience of BizDock has been improved thanks a refactoring of the navigation menu. From now the menu is oriented to business functionalities:

  1. the Roadmap and the Cockpit links to quickly reach your own and preferred data,
  2. the New menu to create any entry types,
  3. the Governance and the Delivery menus to achieve the corresponding tasks,
  4. the Tools menu to exploit some transversal systems on the data,
  5. the Admin menu to configure BizDock,
  6. the Search link to find easily all data.

The sidebar of the initiatives has been also modified in order to be aligned with the new navigation menu.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
764 New custom attribute type: Link (to associate an external URL to any entry).
955 New custom attribute type: Multi-value list.
959 The events table (for an initiative) is now sortable and filterable. It's also possible to export it as an Excel file.
952 When creating an initiative is now possible to select its manager.
960 A new “In scope” attribute is available for the requirements, it is synchronized with a custom field of a Redmine issue.

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
982 The filter by date in filterable tables is not working correctly. Severity 4
908 On the user profile page (User administration), the permissions and roles should be alphabetically ordered. Severity 4
994 It is not possible to close definitively an help tour on IE 9. Severity 4
1012 The select filter in filterable tables is not working correctly for an empty value. Severity 4
1011 In some specific cases, the sorting in filterable tables is not working correctly for the select fields. Severity 4