BizDock R4.0 Release Note

Milestones trend

The Milestones trend is a powerful table that shows the evolution of the resources (budget, allocations…) and planning across the Milestones approvals. At a glance you can see if the budget is increasing or decreasing, and if the planning is respected.

Clicking on a row in the table, you can see the details of the Milestones with the resources (budget, allocations) and planning at the time of approval.

Competency management

Because it's not always possible to specifically allocate an Org Unit to an Initiative, a new allocation mechanism “by Competency” is now available.

A Competency is simply a skill that can have an Employee, for example “Java” or “Business Analysis”. The Competencies could be managed from the administration area and assigned directly to an Employee by his Manager.

Then it's possible to create an allocation for a specific Competency to the Initiatives. As for any allocation, you can specify a number of days and an allocation period.

A new report for a Competency is also available.

Allocated resources improvements

The allocated resources system has been greatly improved:

  • All Initiative allocations (Employee, Org Unit and Competency) could follow the dates of their related Package: this is to avoid to re-enter of identical dates.
  • An allocation request (Org Unit or Competency) of an Initiative could be converted to an allocated Employee, if the resulted allocation has less days, it's possible to report the balance to a new allocation request.
  • An Employee can be allocated to an Activity that is not an Initiative: this allows to fully manage the assignments of an Employee.
  • The Gantt chart of an Employee has been promoted with the Activity allocations. Same behavious for the Gantt chart of the Employees of an Org Unit and in the Cockpit.

Custom attributes management

Configure and manage your custom attributes according to your business needs. For most objects you can add, edit and delete them.

You can also choose to display or not the custom attributes in the tables thanks the “Displayed” configuration.

For custom attributes with “dropdown” type, you can easily manage the items, including the order.

For sure the custom attributes could be translated in all BizDock languages.

More details

Jira plugin improvements

The Jira plugin has been greatly improved:

  • Data mapping: each synchronized attribute can be parametrized, you can select a field from Jira and map it to the corresponding one in BizDock for Needs and Defects.
  • Data filtering: the data to synchronize from Jira could be filtered thanks a powerful query engine (JQL), you can filter across all the Jira attributes (including the custom ones) and this with all Initiative details.

Initiative planning

A Gantt chart that covers the overall Initiative planning is now available, it includes:

  • The Phases
  • The Milestones
  • The Packages
  • The Releases
  • The Iterations

It is possible to filter which information should be displayed or not.

Document management

The document management system has been improved in order to offer the capability to attach a document as a link. For sure, it is always possible to upload the file locally. All objects (Initiatives, Milestones…) for which it was possible to add a document have been promoted with this new feature.

On top of that, it's now possible to attach one or many documents to the Initiative packages and to the Initiative reports.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
1089 When a milestone is passed, the status of approvers that haven't provided a vote is now “No vote” instead of “Pending”
1066 A new report with the status of an Initiative is now available, it contains among others the last report status, the milestones, the risks and the issues
1025 The status label of a passed milestone is now displayed (Governance page of an Initiative) instead of the standard labels (Approved/Rejected)
865 Reference data: administration of report status and event types for Initiatives
786 Reference data: administration of planning packages (groups, patterns…) for Initiatives
847 Roles management: it's now possible to add, edit and delete the Roles
1060 The members (list of Employees) of an Org Unit is now displayed on its identity card
1041 A report status of an Initiative can be now deleted
1033 The Gantt chart on the Roadmap contains all Initiatives without pagination
1004 The life cycle Phases could be filtered in order to be displayed or not on the Roadmap
1031 It's now possible to filter the Redmine versions when a synchronization is done
1120 It's now possible to see the archived Initiatives on the Roadmap (hidden by default)
1039 New KPI: estimated value of the Initiative's progression based on the Packages

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
1019, 1021, 1070 Layout improvements for iPad on the Initiative cockpit Severity 4
1030 An error occurs when performing a search which includes the quote (“) character Severity 4
1040 The Gantt view on the roadmap does not keep the order of the Initiatives Severity 4
1078 When a Release has been deleted, it is still visible on the Initiative delivery page Severity 3
1112 Audit not working anymore Severity 3
1071 The Review milestone requests page returns an error if a request concerns a deleted Initiative Severity 3
1092 The sponsoring unit field is always empty in the report “Roadmap” Severity 3