BizDock R5.0 Release Note

Roadmap Simulator

Wants to know what you can deliver with your financial or human resources? Simply select the Initiatives you want to run and see directly:

  • What is the total required budget and current forecase
  • What is the overall capacity required
  • And more important: when you have over allocations per team or competency.

This is also a great tool for Team Leaders to manage their teams and see if some re-allocations are required.

New BizDock Org Unit loader Plugin

A new Plugin to load the Org Units is now available. It allows to:

  • Read a CSV file and import its rows as Org Units
  • Automatically unactivate the not given Org Units (only if necessary)
  • Keep the hierarchical tree of the Org Units
  • Assign the manager and the type of an Org Unit

Enhanced BizDock Financial Integration Plugin

The BizDock Financial Integration plugin has been greatly enhanced:

  • You can now load directly Cost Centers and Suppliers
  • It now automatically cancelled a PO if all the PO line items are also cancelled

New standard report: Time sheet per period

A new standard report has been added to get all the timesheet entries per employee and activities during a certain period of time. You can even know on which Packages he has effectively spent his time.

Get the full overview about your Planning Package! You can now link a Financial Work Order to a Planning Package so that you know for what your forecast will be used for. You can attach as many Work Order to a Planning Package as you want.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
1168 Order the Planning Package Group by alphabetical order to ease the selection
1169 Improve the Initiative Planning Overview (add a legend, order by start date when possible and if equal, order by planning item type
1216 On the Roadmap planning view, reduce the text size to see the full name of the Initiatives
1232 Add the Governance Id to the Report Status standard report

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
1020 Not possible to close the filter selection on the Roadmap with an iPad Severity 4
1223 Sending a BizDock message fails when username contains an “@” Severity 4
1214 Roadmap Excel export only contains the current page when list of Initiative is paginated Severity 3
1215 Impossible to unlink an Initiative and a Redmine project where too many Requirements (more than 1000) Severity 3
1235 Roadmap Excel export does not export custom attributes to the correct Excel standard format Severity 4