BizDock R7.0 Release Note


BizDock and DevDock are becoming even closer: you can now toggle from one to the other simply with the new menu available via the application icons. “Back to Home” is for sure still availble via a “Home” button.

Architecture component

No tool to structure our IT Architecture? You can now structure your applications by modules/sub-systems. A hierarchical structure is available and allows you to easily navigate between them. You can even see/filter all your application blocks. And this is only the first part of DevDock. More to come in the upcoming releases.

Resources allocations' improvements

The Resources allocations system has been greatly improved to provide facilities with data management:

  • As a Resource Manager, you have a lot of employee allocations to confirm. Now, via your cockpit, you can confirm multiple allocations at the same time for standard requests.
  • As an Org Unit Manager, you can assign an Activity to a Member directly from the Org Unit's identity card.

Initiatives' dependencies

You can now list dependencies between your Initiatives. You first define the relations you want to track (like “Precedes/Follows”), select an Initiative and you are done. Impact analysis has never be so easy with BizDock.

And for sure, all relation types could be fully managed from BizDock.

Create custom KPI

You want to see a KPI in BizDock but it does not already exist in the standard KPI library? No problem, define it in Bizdock and push its values via the BizDock REST API. All your KPIs are available at one place and are for sure visible on the Roadmap with all existing filtering and sorting capabilities.

New report: Overdue Milestones

A new report allows you to see directly all Milestones that have a planned date in the past, so that you can immediately react and re-plan accordingly your Initiatives and Roadmap.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
1433, 1495 In the breadcrumb of an Initiative, a “bulb” icon is displayed for conceptual Initiatives, and a “compress” icon for archived ones.
1410 The total number of entries is now always displayed on the Roadmap, even if the is no pagination.
1464 The inactive Org units' children are no more displayed in the identity card of an Org unit.
1458 The list of related Initiatives to a Release is now displayed in the identity card of this last.

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
1426 Not possible to update an Initiative associated to deleted delivery units. Severity 3
1430 A user can delete the Employee associated to his user (now possible only if the user has the permission ACTOR_EDIT_ALL) Severity 4
1431 In some particular cases, the computation of the “Governance ID” when creating an Initiative is wrongly done. Severity 4