BizDock R8.0 Release Note

Partner data syndication

Imagine that you have partners / customers and you want to exchange with them project information in a secured and standard way. This is now possible with BizDock Data Syndication:

  • Invite your partner to use BizDock: they get their own BizDock instance for free during 3 months
  • Set up an agreement with him to define which data could be exchanged and for how long
  • Last, on a project basis, configure effectively which data of your project (plannin package, status report…) will be pushed securely to your partner.

Like this, no more planning misalignment or Excel exchange via e-mail: everything is in one place, in BizDock, and always up-to-date. More information

Top menu re-design

We re-design BizDock main menu to make it even more accessible and easier to use. All the links you need are now directly visible.

Release KPI "Progress"

A new KPI has been added to the Release, showing what is the remaining effort to be done and what effort was already produced. You can even visualise a burndown chart for the Release, bringing a complementary view to the one of the Portfolio Entry

Redmine plugin improvement

The Redmine plugin has been enhanced to provide even more configuration capability:

  • BizDock custom attributes can now be used in the filters
  • The remaining effort (mapped to a Redmine custom field) and the effort spent (mapped to Redmine logged time) can now be retrieved and consolidated at the requirement level.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
1551 Trim the data coming from Redmine to optimise the Redmine Plugin filters
1580 Add an optional Risk Owner to the Risk
1526 Set “Use Purchase Order” to false by default in System Preference
1527 Go directly to Milestone instance page from Milestone Planning
1546 Add Last Report Status date on Portfolio Entry dashboard
1474 Add sorting on Planning Package table and align the Gantt chart sorting
1532 Framework updates (Play 2.4, Java 8, Scala 2.11)
226 Notification by email instead of BizDock internal Notifcations (System level Preference)
1506 Display connections to BizDock via BizDock Admin system

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
1543 Error while updating a Portfolio Entry details whith an inactive Delivery Unit Severity 3
1552 Plugin logo was sometimes not visible in Admin > Integration > Available plugins Severity 4
1574 Review Milestone Requests page - “Milestone” column was not clickable Severity 4
1529 Picker entries sort was case sensitive Severity 4