BizDock R9.0 Release Note

Planning package type

The Planning Package's color attribute has been replaced by a “type” attribute that is full manageable as a reference data

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Save & share filters

The filter components of ALL filterable tables (Roadmap, Planning Packages, Releases…) has been greatly improved by including the following set of functionalities:

  • Save unlimited filter configurations by specifying a name
  • Share easily a saved filter thanks a BizDock Notification or a simple link
  • Possibility to filter the table on a single dropdown with many values
  • Improvement of the number custom attributes filter with allowing to parameter the condition

Simplified Initiative creation process

The process to create a new Initiative has been improved by merging the 2 steps (standard attributes and custom attributes) in a single page.

Modify the native BizDock translations

Now it is possible to customize your BizDock experience in order it matches perfectly with your Business: Each translation of the application could be modified with your wording. You prefer using “Project” instead “Initiative” or “Plan” instead “Roadmap”: everything is possible!

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Conditional rule for displaying custom attributes

Sometimes a custom attribute make sense only for a subset of objects of an entity, for example a specific information of Initiative with type “Project”. Thanks the Conditional rules, it's now possible to parameterize a custom attribute in order to display it only in a specific context.

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Manage all the planning packages at a single page

Need to update multiple Packages because of a re-planning? Or update their status? Simply go to the new dedicated edit page and make your updates in one go.

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Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
TAF-71 Ability to edit the Ref ID of an Org Unit Type.
TAF-96 When create a new BizDock User, it's now possible to directly specify his password.
TAF-106 Improvement of the display when viewing/managing the custom attributes of all entities.
TAF-126 The “My” menu contains now a direct link (with SSO) to the billing and support area.
TAF-165 The description of custom attributes is now displayed in the corresponding forms of entities. This includes also the descriptions of items for single dropdown attributes.

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
TAF-157 Error when editing the governance planning of an Initiative when the life cycle process contains no Milestone. Severity 4
TAF-158 Create a VIEWER User was not possible when the included user licenses is reached. Severity 4
TAF-161 When editing the name or the description of a reference data, it was possible to fill an infinite-lenght value that generated an error. Severity 4
TAF-167 Milestone pending approval were still available/visible even if the Portolio Entry way deleted in the meantime. Severity 4