BizDock R1.3 Release note


BizDock now includes a full Timesheet system, including non-Initiative work management. Time can be booked against a planning Package to get more fine-grained information on what your Employees are working. Manager can also approve Timesheets of their Employees and even send reminder for those who did not fill it on time.

Planning package

BizDock provides now the capability to define planning Packages for an Initiative. They can be used to model a deliverable (like a “Business Requirements document”), a project Milestone (“Start of Test phase”), a project phase (“Development”). They allow a more detailed planning of the initiative without interfering with the Governance Milestones. Allocated Actor and Org Unit can also be assigned now to planning Package (replace the task type concept).

Reporting - more format

BizDock reports now support also the CSV and PDF formats on top of Excel. Customized reports are now available on demand, totally tailored to your needs.

Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager allows to connect BizDock to other Tools and System (like Jira or Redmine). With this release, the 4 first plugins available are: Redmine, Subversion (SVN), Jenkins and Load Actor.

Complete Online Help

Now, BizDock is connected to the online help. Simply press the “?” in the page header to get access to a contextual help page.

Permission and Roles configuration

It is now possible to manage which Permission is assigned to which BizDock Role directly from the Configuration administration menu.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
#612 Budget Bucket can now be archived when they are not valid anymore. It is still possible for the Budget Owner to find them once archived.
#615 The Portfolio dashboard moved under the Portfolio ID card. Permissions were aligned to allow a better control on who can access these information.
#616 Message: a search field has been added to ease the selection of the recipient(s).
#619 Financial details page: add more information in the 2 forecast tables.
#620 When the use of Purchase Order is deactivated, it is now possible to delete an engaged Work Order.
#639 Allocation of Employees and Org Unit: a flag “Is confirmed” allows now to easily see if an assignment has been confirmed by the Manager of the Employee or Delivery Unit.
#743 Security: BizDock User's login must now have a minimum length of 5 characters and 6 for the password.

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
#606 Custom attribut for Initiative of type Integer breaks the Roadmap view Severity 4
#608 The order of the next milestones in the Initiative overview of an initiative is not correct (not using the “order” attribute) Severity 4
#611 Report category administration - change in the category not directly visible with Internet Explorer 9 Severity 4
#614 The messages / notifications are not correctly sorted when clicking on the “date” column Severity 4
#621 The Report for Portfolio fails if there is a “/” in the portfolio name Severity 4
#649 The Custom Attributes are not present anymore in the Roadmap Excel export Severity 3
#748 On Initiatives pages, some edit/delete icons are visible without the Edit Permissions Severity 4
#751 Inactive Employees are not return by the search Severity 3