BizDock R2.0 Release Note


KPIs are now much more powerful and configurable. You can now decide the colouring rules of your KPIs and see their evolution over time, all of this via the new KPI Manager administration menu. A new set of KPIs has also be added for Initiative and Portfolio

  • Org Unit allocations (with split confirmed / not confirmed)
  • Employee allocations (with split confirmed / not confirmed)
  • (With Redmine plugin): Requirement status (open / closed) and Story Points (open / closed)
  • (With Redmine plugin): Defect status (open / closed)

The Roadmap also includes the KPIs: it's now possible to select the ones which are displayed, and to filter on them.


(Only via Redmine Plugin). See your Requirements / User Stories / Defects directly in BizDock and get a graphical overview of where do you stand. Categorise them in “Must” (Requirement) and “Blocker” (Defect) to directly see the Hot topics.

Initiative: Integration with external sources

Configure, for each Initiative, the Redmine repository you are using and which Master Data you want to synchronise. You can even have multiple repositories for one Initiative (for example in a multi-providers environment).

Cockpit: Allocated resources

As a Manager, see directly all the request for allocations (confirmed or not) of your subordinates. You can then easily planned and organised the capacity of your team.

Reporting: Data quality

The BizDock Report repository has been enriched by some new Standard reports and especially the BizDock Data Quality report. Its objective is to detect low data quality Initiatives (it will be enriched in the upcoming releases with more KPIs)

Package Groups

You can now add by group a set of pre-defined Planning Package. This is particularly useful to support Project Management methodologies like HERMES that recommend a set of standard project artifacts.

Reference data management

You can administrate yourself BizDock reference data like Employee or Stakeholder type.

Enhancements / features

The following enhancements/features are part of the release:

ID Description
750 Deletion of a Portfolio (protected via the PORTFOLIO_EDIT_ALL_PERMISSION permission
753 Password strength indicator + reinforcement of password policy (weak password not accepted)
763 New attributes for the Planning Packages: an “is important”​ flag and a status
776 ID Card for Employee and Org Unit: the basic details are now visible to all BizDock user and other informations (like Initiatives assigned to the Employee) are restricted via Permissions
837 Select User's preferred language during BizDock account creation
861 An e-mail address can now be used as BizDock username ​
893 New home page with latest initiatives and unread notifications ​
895 Data Exchange ​storage (SFTP) available via BizDock interface

Solved defects

The following Defect fixes (detected in previous version) are part of the release:

ID Description Severity
773 Budget Line name too long raise an exception Severity 3
778 Sort of documents by last date in Personal Storage not working properly Severity 4
823 Minimum length of Employee's unique ID: not possible to set one that is smaller than 5 characters Severity 3
851 Not possible to set the start date of a Planning Package equal to its end date Severity 3
911 Not possible to create 2 Portfolios with the same name Severity 4