BizDock Releases summary

This page shows the highlights of the major BizDock Releases.

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BizDock R17.2

Current planned date : 01.05.2019

  • Initiative governance: Add org units as voters for a milestone

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BizDock R17.1

Current planned date : 01.03.2019

  • Initiative details: Display the last update date, last update user and last updated section of an initiative
  • Initiative governance: In planning edition view, prefill planned date with previous milestone date
  • Roadmap capacity table: Add totals by lines and columns

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BizDock R17

Current planned date : 01.01.2019

  • Initiative registers: Split risks and issues custom attributes and types
  • Initiative events: Add read only attribute for system events
  • Roadmap capacity table: Change year selector to month selector setting the first column as starting month
  • Add tooltips throughout the application

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BizDock R16.1

Current planned date : 16.01.2018

  • Custom attributes: New scriptable type of custom attributes
  • Governance: Addition of flexible life cycle process type with additional milestones
  • Governance: Configure the display style for milestones name
  • Dropdown lists: Enhance selectors for multi valued selectors

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BizDock R16

Current planned date : 17.10.2017

  • Financial, Resources and Timesheets: Add total row at the bottom of tables with summable numeric values
  • Governance: Delete a milestone approval request
  • Governance: Delete a milestone decision
  • Planning / Resources: Add statuses on allocation requests
  • Planning / Resources: Manage monthly allocation for generic requests
  • Roadmap / Capacity table: View month details by initiative in Org Unit tab
  • Dropdown lists: Enhance selectors for actors, org units, packages, …
  • Table filters: Add a “Clear” action that reinitialize the table filters to the default view

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BizDock R15

Current planned date : 04.07.2017

  • Initiative resources: Add monthly allocations for employees on an initiative
  • Initiative resources: Make all tables in the page sortable and filterable
  • Initiative documents: Add a page to manage all the documents associated to an initiative
  • Initiative overview: Add new KPIs for budget and forecast with OPEX/CAPEX details
  • Roadmap: Add a view by employee in the capacity table
  • User management: Add a permission to edit an initiative as portfolio stakeholder
  • Reporting: Add budget forecast in both org unit allocations reports

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BizDock R14.1

Current planned date : 28.03.2017

  • Reporting: Adding support for RTF format
  • Event Listener: Adding new capabilities for the Event Listener plugin
  • User management: Adding user last login date in the user management page
  • Roadmap: Adding the initiative start date and end date in the roadmap view based on the current planning

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BizDock R14.0

Release date : 29.11.2016

  • Reporting: Adding a new Users logon report
  • Search update: Initiative are selected by default, wild characters are no more mandatory, active elements can be filtered
  • Cockpit: Split of the “My active initiatives” widget and adding a new widget “Late planned milestones”
  • Risks & Issues: Ability to delete a risk or an issue after creation.
  • Roadmap: Adding information regarding milestones (last planned date) and initiatives (start date and end date)
  • Organizational Unit: Adding confirm button in “Allocation requests” tab * Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

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BizDock R13.0

Release date : 18.08.2016

  • Project events tracker
  • Centralized document management interface
  • Ability to lock the governance id (read-only mode)
  • Ability to export a data backup

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BizDock R12.0

Release date : 16.03.2016

  • Multi-currency management
  • Add many REST API to query BizDock data
  • New Timesheet loader to import timesheet data from an external system
  • Roadmap improvements: display financial data

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BizDock R11.0

Release date : 04.02.2016

  • Effort-based budget and forecast
  • Replacement of the icons set (Glyphicons) with a new one (Font awesome)
  • Cockpit / Home page merge
  • BizDock Notification handler / Scheduled script improvements (context sharing, object persistence)
  • Adding an allocation (Employee or Org Unit) automatically add it as Stakeholder or Delivery Unit
  • Governance: delete a milestone approval request

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BizDock R10.0

Release date : 17.12.2015

  • Merge Release and Initiative
  • Deliverable management
  • Import / export plugin configuration
  • New Notification Plugin

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BizDock R9.0

Release date: 05.11.2015

  • Planning package type
  • Save & share filters
  • Simplified Initiative creation process
  • Modify the native BizDock translations
  • Conditional rule for displaying custom attributes
  • Manage all the planning packages at a single page

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BizDock R8.0.2

Release date: 29.09.2015

Bug fixes release.

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BizDock R8.0

Release date: 23.09.2015

  • Partner data syndication
  • Top menu re-design
  • Release KPI “Progress”
  • Redmine plugin improvement
  • Notification by email instead of BizDock internal Notifcations

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BizDock R7.0

Release date: 30.07.2015

  • A new Architecture module is available to manage the continuous integration
  • Improvements of the resources allocations' system
  • Possibility to add dependencies between the Initiatives
  • Create custom KPI directly from the BizDock interface

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BizDock R6.0

Release date: 04.06.2015

  • Milestone approval's improvements
  • Delete notifications by bulk
  • New report to extract time sheets data by project

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BizDock R5.0

Release date: 30.04.2015

  • Roadmap simulator with team capacities overview
  • New BizDock Org Unit loader plugin
  • Enhanced BizDock Financial Integration plugin
  • New report to extract time sheets data by period
  • Link a Work Order to a Planning Package as for Resources to allow a full overview of the Package

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BizDock R4.0

Release date: 19.03.2015

  • Milestones trend: Powerful table that shows the evolution of the resources (budget, allocations…) and planning across the approbation of Milestones
  • Allocation of non-project Activities
  • Add a new generic allocation mechanism on top of Org unit: by Competency
  • A innovative mechanism to follow up the progress of an initiative based on the Planning Packages completion vs baseline
  • A Gantt chart that covers the overall Initiative planning is now available, it includes the Phases, the Milestones, the Packages, the Releases and the Iterations
  • The document management system has been improved in order to offer the capability to attach a document as a link
  • (Administration) Custom attributes management: Configure and manage your custom attributes according to your business case
  • (Administration) Add, edit and delete the Roles

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BizDock R3.0

Release date: 05.02.2015

  • Release management: create, edit and remove releases. It's also possible to subscribe an initiative to them.
  • Iterations & Burndown: the list of iterations and the corresponding burndown chart are available in the initiative's cockpit.
  • Redmine plugin: the Redmine target versions are now synchronized as iterations in BizDock.
  • Events table (for an initiative): the table is now sortable and filterable. It's also possible to export it as an Excel file.
  • Requirements improvement: a new “In scope” attribute is available, and it's possible to assign a requirement to a release.
  • Navigation: the main menu and the initiative sidebar have been improved to facilitate the navigation.
  • Cockpit: the “Budget buckets” and the “Releases” managed by the sign-in user are now available in his cockpit.
  • (Administration) Life cycle process management: create, edit and remove the life cycle processes, including milestones and phases.
  • (Administration) New custom attribute types: the “Link” (to associate an external URL to any entry) and the “Multi-value list”.

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BizDock R2.1

Release date: 16.12.2014

  • Help tour: some help tours has been added in order to facilitate the understanding of BizDock
  • (Administration) Propose Employee creation after User creation
  • (Administration) Manage requirements' reference data

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BizDock R2.0

Release date: 04.12.2014

  • Home page: see directly the unread notifications and last initiatives (filter by access rights)
  • KPI: new sets of KPIs (for Initiative and Portfolio), now available on the Roadmap and with trend analysis
  • Team management: see your subordinates and team allocations directly from the Cockpit or their ID cards
  • Requirement management (via Redmine Plugin): get KPIs about your User Stories and Defects directly in BizDock
  • Reporting: new standard reports available
  • Planning Package: add some pre-defined Planning Packages by Group
  • (Administration) Manage BizDock reference data (initiative type, portfolio type, stakeholders…)
  • (Administration) Access to the file exchange zone via the user interface

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BizDock R1.3

Release date: 03.10.2014

  • Timesheet: a time sheeting system to allow employees to book time against Initiatives.
  • Planning package: possibility to configure packages against Initiatives.
  • Reporting: improvement of the reporting system in order to generate also PDF and CSV files (more EXCEL).
  • Help: creation of the help pages for the BizDock application.
  • (Administration) associate permissions to role.
  • (Administration) Plugin Manager with first Plugins

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BizDock R1.2

Release date: 25.08.2014

  • Reporting module (with access rights administration)
  • Full width enhanced layout
  • Improved notification mechanism and internal message
  • Initiative and Portfolio dashboard
  • Event log to capture Initiative decisions and informations
  • Contextual help for each screen
  • (Administration) Audit log
  • (Administration) Management of system preferences (like custom logo)