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 ===== BizDock R17.1 ===== ===== BizDock R17.1 =====
-//Current planned date : 01.01.2019//+//Current planned date : 01.03.2019//
-  * Initiative ​registersSplit risks and issues custom attributes and types +  * Initiative ​detailsDisplay the last update date, last update user and last updated section of an initiative 
-  * Initiative ​eventsAdd read only attribute for system events +  * Initiative ​governanceIn planning edition view, prefill planned date with previous milestone date 
-  * Roadmap capacity table: ​Change year selector to month selector setting the first column as starting month +  * Roadmap capacity table: Add totals by lines and columns
-  * Add tooltips throughout the application+
-Read more in the [[resources:​releases:​bizdock-r17|Release Note]]+Read more in the [[resources:​releases:​bizdock-r17.1|Release Note]]
 ===== BizDock R17 ===== ===== BizDock R17 =====