What is BizDock ?

BizDock aims at being the product lifecycle coordinator and knowlegde broker for your enterprise.

BizDock is a unique integrated and cloud-based solution which aggregates a powerful project and portfolio management with an innovative data integration framework. With BizDock you control your development lifecycle on each and every axis you may need (requirements, resources, budget, risks, etc.) whatever is your organization and your sourcing model.

Besides BizDock solves the usual tooling heterogeneity problem by aggregating all the data from the various software in use in different parts of your enterprise. Thanks to BizDock you don't have to force the organization to homogeneize its toolset, its practices, its specificities for securing data consistency.

With BizDock you do not need to trade the creativity for the efficiency.

Product lifecycle process

BizDock allow you to configure and monitor any type of product/project lifecycle process from the concept to the delivery (including IT development factory management with SVN, Redmine or Jenkins and many other tools):

Project cockpit and master data management

BizDock is provided with a reference data model that you can extends with your own needs thanks to custom attributes. Thanks to this data model, BizDock creates a unique and consistent view of the entire enterprise activities including outsources ones. With BizDock your project managers and line managers can:

  • Collect and update project master data in total compliance with the best practices (PMI, Prince, Hermes)
  • Manage risks
  • Manage requirements
  • Manage budgets, work orders (integrated with your ERP if you wish to) and human resources (including timesheeting)
  • Report on progress
  • Plan, package and monitor the deliveries (until the source code)

Data collection & reporting

BizDock includes an innovative event and master data management solution based upon an agent based architecture. Each and every master object of BizDock (or any external mapped data source connected to a BizDock plugin) is monitored so that BizDock could detect changes and resyncs the central data model.

This secures a full consistency of the reporting and data analysis : no discussions regarding the figures.

BizDock also includes a reporting module with a default set of report. You can also request BizDock professional services to implement any type of report or custom data extraction based upon BizDock data model.

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