Application Block

An Application Block describes a module or a system of an Application.


An Application Block has the following set of attributes:

Field Description
Parent The parent of the Application Block. If empty, then it is considered as a “root”. It is automatically filled according to the selection in the tree.
Archived Define if an Application is archived or active. When creating a Block, it is by default active.
Ref ID The reference ID of the Application Block.
Name The name of the Application Block.
Description The description of the Application Block.

It possible to add Custom Attributes to Application Blocks.

Table view

The table view is listing all the Application Blocks.

By default, only the active Application blocks are displayed, this can be simply modified by changing the filters.

Filters and columns selection

Each BizDock User can personalize his Application Blocks view. He can select filters to restrict the list of Application Blocks (each filter can be selected once) and choose which columns are visible (including the configured Custom Attributes).

Excel export

By simply clicking on the icon, an Excel export of the Application Blocks table will be made available in the BizDock User's Personal space.