Milestone Request

A Milestone Request (also simply called Request) is done by a manager or a stakeholder of an Initiative/Release, and represents the request to start the Milestone approval process.


A Milestone Request has the following set of attributes:

Field Description
Life Cycle Milestone The concerned Life Cycle Milestone of the Request.
Proposed approval date The proposed date for the end of the Milestone approval process (if the Request is accepted).
Milestone description document If necessary, the description document of the Milestone Request and the resulting approval process. This document is automatically reported to the Milestone approval process (if the Request is accepted).
Requester The Employee which creates the Request.
Requester comments Some optional comments of the Requester.
Submission date The date of the Request creation.

Review Milestone request

The “Review milestone requests” is the list of the Milestone Requests that should be processed (accepted or rejected) by the sign-in User.

The list contains:

  • Either all Milestone Requests if the User has the permission PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_REVIEW_REQUEST_ALL_PERMISSION
  • Or the Milestone Requests for which the user is the Manager of at least one Portfolio of the corresponding Initiative/Release if he has the permission PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_REVIEW_REQUEST_AS_PORTFOLIO_MANAGER_PERMISSION

If the user has neither the permission PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_REVIEW_REQUEST_ALL_PERMISSION nor PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_REVIEW_REQUEST_AS_PORTFOLIO_MANAGER_PERMISSION then the “Review milestone requests” menu is not displayed.

To process a Request, the User needs to click on it.

Process a Request

A user can process a Request only if this last is in his “Review milestone requests” list.

The details of a Request is composed by:

If the requester has provided an attachment document when he created the Request then a “Download the milestone description document” button is available and allows to download it.

The "Accept or reject the request" form

The form to accept or reject the Request contains the following fields:

  • Change the approval date: corresponds to the proposed date of the requester, the value can be corrected if needed.
  • Change the default approvers: list of the Employees which are required to vote for the Milestone approval process, initially it is filled with default approvers of the Milestone.
  • Provide a comment: if necessary a comment about the Request decision.

The “Change the approval date” and “Change the default approvers” are used only if the Request is accepted.

Accept a Request

To accept a Request, the User should click on the “Accept” button (after having possibly modified the form).

The result of the acceptation depends of the list of approvers:

  • If empty: the Milestone is automatically settled to the default status (usually “Accepted”).
  • If not empty: the Milestone approval process is started. Each approver should vote (they are advised thanks a Notification), and the final decision will be done according to the votes (or not) by a PMO officer. The status of the Milestone is “Pending”.

In both case, a Notification is sent to the requester and to the manager of the Initiative/Release.

Reject a Request

To reject a Request, the User should click on the “Reject” button (he can possibly add a comment).

A Notification is sent to the requester and to the Manager of the Initiative/Release.