Create an Initiative / Release

→ To create an Initiative, the permission PORTFOLIO_ENTRY_SUBMISSION_PERMISSION is required.

→ To create a Release, the permission RELEASE_SUBMISSION_PERMISSION is required.


Field Description
Confidential A confidential Initiative or Release is not public and could be seen only by authorized users.
Name The name of the Initiative or Release.
Description The description of the Initiative or Release.
Portfolio The Portfolio to which the Initiative or Release belongs.
Type A type is used to categorize the Initiative or Release. The Initiative types and the Release types could be managed here.
Life cycle process The proposed Life Cycle Process for the Initiative or Release.
Manager The proposed manager for the Initiative or Release. By default the current user is selected.
Document A document that describes the scope of the Initiative or Release. It could be either an uploaded file or a link.


All the data can be changed after the creation of the Initiative or Release. BizDock comes with a set of pre-configured reference data (like Initiative types, Release types or Life Cycle Processes) that can be personalized.

The page is composed by 2 areas:

  1. On the left: the standard attributes listed above
  2. On the right: the configured Initiative/Release custom attributes

After clicking of the “Submit” button, the following operations are automatically done:

  • The Initiative/Release is in Concept state,
  • A Governance ID is automatically given (it represents an incremental ID),
  • And if a Portfolio has been selected, the Portfolio Manager gets a Notification that a new entry has been added to his Portfolio