This page shows all the Governance Milestones of an Initiative/Release and their current status and planned date.

For each Milestone:

  • Name of the milestone
  • Its planned date
  • Its status - the possible status are:
    • Not planned: the Milestone does not have a planned date yet,
    • Available: the Milestone approval can be triggered,
    • Pending request: the Milestone approval process has been requested,
    • Pending: the Milestone approval has started and the request is under vote,
    • Approved: the Milestone was accepted,
    • Rejected: the Milestone was rejected - A new request will be required to have it accepted.

For the 2 last status, the displayed label corresponds to selected status when performing the final decision.

A Release process could contain 2 special milestones: the start and the end implementation dates. If a Release is assigned to a such process and the dates are given, then the burndown KPI could be fully computed.

Edit the Milestone planned dates

The icon is not displayed if the Life Cycle Process has no milestone.

  • Click on the icon in the panel heading,

  • Update the planned date for each Milestone,
  • Save.

The planned date of an accepted Milestone can not be changed anymore. When a date for a Milestone is displayed in BizDock, it is either the passed date (date when the Milestone was accepted) OR the planned date if the Milestone is not yet accepted.

If a planned date is in the past and the Milestone is not yet accepted, a small red bell icon will appear near the date as it mean that it probably needs to be updated.

Add additional Milestones

If the process is defined as “flexible”, then additional Milestones can be added to the initiative life cycle.

  • Click on the icon on the right side of the panel heading.

  • Fill the form to define a new additional milestone and its position in the process.

  • Save.

Milestones added in the initiative in that way can also be edited or deleted. Deleting a Milestone will also delete the Milestone decision data.

If a Life cycle process has its “Flexible” attribute deselected, all the additional Milestones will be removed from the corresponding initiatives.

Request a Milestone approval

  • Click on the icon for the Milestone you want to request an approval

  • Select the wished approval date for this Milestone (the planned date is given as an hint),
  • It's also possible to attach a supporting document to the request and to enter a comment,
  • Save. Depending on the configured Life Cycle Process, the request will then be reviewed, go directly into vote or even be directly accepted.

View the Milestone decision details

Simply click on the Milestone line to access a full history of the decisions.

For each decision, the following panels are displayed:

  • The details of the decision status
  • The list of approvers with votes
  • The Bugdet state at the final decision date
  • The Resources state at the final decision date

The 2 last panels are displayed only if the final decision has been made.

Change the Life Cycle Process

Changing a Life Cycle Process will RESET all the Milestones (and related decision).

  • Click on the icon,

  • Select a new Life Cycle Process,
  • Click on “Change”.